Thunderbird Phoenix Housing

Every student attending Thunderbird receives an immersive global business education. Let our Housing Services department help you find a space where you'll thrive all trimester long.

On-campus housing

You can thrive amongst your peers in affordable, comfortable and convenient on-campus housing. Immerse yourself in college life in one of Thunderbird's four Residence Halls, each with suite-style floor plans and their own amenities and atmosphere.

Each suite has two bedrooms with a shared entrance and shared bath, and a picnic area with barbecue grills outside. You're never more than a walk away from your classes or Thunderbird's broad array of social and cultural activities. Review housing floor plans & fees.

  • Rooms come furnished with a bed, bedside table, desk and chair, and bookcase or hutch.
  • Beds are either extra-long single beds or queen beds; bed linens are not provided.
  • All accommodations are air-conditioned and carpeted.
  • Cable and internet access is available in each room for no additional charge.
  • All utilities (including air conditioning) and phone service is included in fee.
  • Pets are not allowed, unless they are assistance animals.
  • Halogen lamps, cooking appliances such hot plates and toaster ovens, or candles/incense are not permitted in campus housing.

Early application for housing is encouraged. To secure campus housing, you may apply while awaiting official acceptance to Thunderbird.

Apply for on-campus housing.

Off-campus housing

Thunderbird’s Housing Services office can help you determine which off-campus housing options will best support your academic experience at Thunderbird.

Several apartment complexes are located within walking distance or a brief drive from campus. See apartment list.

Public transportation is limited in the Glendale region of Phoenix. If you live outside of walking distance from campus, you will need to have your own transportation to campus, as well as to local stores and restaurants. Because you will likely be responsible for your own utilities in off-campus housing, please plan accordingly. Utilities can be costly in the summer when air conditioning is required.

Finding a roommate can help defray costs. Thunderbird's Housing Services department can help connect you with the right T-bird to share your space.

For housing-related assistance, contact Thunderbird’s Housing Services office at +1 602 978-7132 or email housing@thunderbird.edu.

Renter's Insurance

Whether you will be living in an apartment off campus, or in the dorms it is always a good idea to insure your valuables! 

Students are encouraged to protect themselves from loss by purchasing appropriate insurance. In that regard, you should review any homeowner’s policy that you or your family might have to determine whether the contents of your dorm at Thunderbird are already covered or could be covered with a relatively inexpensive policy rider. If your current insurance does do not cover your personal property, you should consider purchasing a renter insurance policy for the duration of your residency. When you consider this insurance protection, keep in mind the replacement cost of items such as computer, jewelry, television, VCR, DVD player, musical instruments, stereo and other electronics, books, calculators, clothes, and shoes, and sports equipment. For information regarding damage to personal property, refer to the “Safety and Security” site on my.thunderbird.edu.

Residents are responsible to assist in their own personal safety. Residents must: 

  • Not leave dorm doors propped open when not in the room
  • Keep windows locked and screens in place when not in the room
  • Never loan their dorm key to others
  • Not tamper with Safety and Security Equipment as this may result in a fine

For your convenience, the following renter’s insurance companies may be considered. However, Thunderbird does not endorse either company.

Theft, Fire, Flood and Other Disasters: 1-800-620-2885 | www.studentinsurancegroup.com

Theft Fire and Breakage: 1-800-256-6774 | www.nssi.com

Note: For those living on campus, please note that Thunderbird cannot and does not assume responsibility for personal accident, injury or illness by residents, guests or visitors, or for damage, theft or loss of personal property, and the student hereby releases Thunderbird, its officers, agents, and employees from any liability on account of any accident, injury, illness, property damage, theft, or loss not caused by Thunderbird’s gross negligence or intentional act or omission. Thunderbird does not reimburse students or parents for damaged, lost or stolen property.